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Zebra Crossing

It all happened mysteriously late one cold November night, on Cranbrook Avenue, Hull. Another crossing in a nearby street was used for measurements, and some additional bits were scavanged from the beacon... Returning to the scene, one near to where a girl was knocked off her bicycle and killed in the none-too-distant past, the task of getting the road painted was started. At this time of night it was the taxis that were the main problem; to avoid too much annoyance water soluble paint was used. Makeshift poles and beacons had been partially assembled, and whilst the painting proceeded they were being finished off. At this point there was only one of the poles had a beacon fitting on it, but one of the crowd of students that was assembling was able to provide another one from his own private collection of road signs. With the light flashing circuits taped inside, these fake poles were planted on either side of the road.

Success!!! - one makeshift, quite unofficial, Zebra Crossing...

During the next day or two, the paint was touched up by other people, one of which was caught by University Security (even though it was on a public road!). He was duly cautioned by the Police, for being naughty (and getting caught!). Over the next few days, cars, buses and taxis were observed stopping at the makeshift crossing, allowing pedestrians to cross the road. Until it was removed by the Council it seems to be fairly well accepted, by motorists and pedestrians alike.

True to their word, for once some cynics may say, Hull City Council did build a new crossing. A little later than promised, though to their credit they did have the foresight to include new cycle paths in addition to the crossing.

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