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The Old Rediffusion Building

Old Rediffusion HQ Situated half-way up Beverley Road on the way into Hull opposite the hospital, there was some sort of remote-control operation for the repeater boxes themselves but no individual subscriber connection/disconnection system. The Beverley Road HQ appeared to have some sort of Network Operations Centre (note box number 4 is labelled 'Central Control') but the place is so damaged we can't find anything else out about the NOC, nor for that matter can we uncover any information about it other than some documentation which refers to 'Remote Control of Sites' (which has proved pretty much useless actually).

The back of the building appears to have been used as some sort of workshop, and is not much damaged by fire or flood; as with most Marconi places there's a library which is where all the documentation was if you wade through the broken glass and fallen roofing tiles! Note it's on the first floor and thus you'll have to get up through the concrete steps. Note: be very careful for trip wires as I did notice some clever soul had wired some fishing twine/cheese wire up on one of the stairwells...

Actually this is probably immaterial by the time you read this because it's been purchased and is apparently due to be turned into a hotel (see earlier).

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