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You've probably heard of Rediffusion television and radios. They're one of, if not the earliest cable television providers. Hull has had a cable TV system since around 1938, when the area didn't have a television transmitter nearby. Thus a large receiver was built which piped BBC and IBA programmes along a cable into homes in the Hull area. There were two systems; the original system was not widespread and consisted of a one-channel service operating 405-line VHF black & white only, and the newer system consisted of a four-channel 625-line VHF transmission.

Rediffusion operated their UK operation from a large building on Beverley Road, opposite the Beverley Road wing of the hospital (near Aldi supermarket and the Ringside Pub). After this the place was for a while a car lot. Since then it has caught fire several times and been badly vandalised. At the time of writing it has apparently been sold to a company who are going to knock it down and turn it into a hotel (so if you're going to go trashing for docs, do it now!).

All the cables around Hull still exist, and are now owned by a cable TV company called MultiChannel Cable, who pipe Sky One, Sky Sports, Sky Movies and The Movie Channel across its cables.

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