hH? - hull people

OK, some people admit to being hackHull? members... some wish they were... and some just appear at meets with surveillance equipment. Largely the latter are in unmarked police cars though ;-)

Who? Where? Web? Specialities?
Gremlin gremlin@hackhull.com No Telecomms, Security, Trashing
Syncom syncom@hackhull.com http://www.synchronous-communications.co.uk Unix, Electronics, Stuff
Cap'n B capnb@hackhull.com http://www.joel.co.uk/ Unix, VMS, Novell, Telecomms
Jon jon@hackhull.com http://www.ops-wing.demon.co.uk/ Radio, Subterranea
dCups dcups@hackhull.com No Networks, Electronics 'n' stuff
ITX itx@hackhull.com http://www.tbkcoders.com/ Distributed Networks, *nix
Number Six numsix@hackhull.com No Trasher supreme!
Bubble bubble@bubblenet.karoo.co.uk http://www.bubblenet.karoo.net/ Unix, NT, SQL
Chekov chekov@laidback.org No Networks, *nix
Lurker lurker@laidback.org http://www.laidback.org/~lurker/ Hardware, *nix

There are probably others... but that's the cabal anyway.