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RAF Menwith Hill: Location Finder

Menwith Hill Station, Menwith Hill, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG3 2RF, United Kingdom

Landmark Latitude/Longditude OS Grid Ref.
Junction [A59 / Cold Cotes Road] 54:00:08 / -01,40,16 SE21565631
Fence Corner (Cold Cotes Road) 54,00,33 / -01,40,33 SE21255708
Junction [Cold Cotes Road / Menwith Hill Road] 54,00,59 / -01,40,48 SE20965787
Public Footpath (Menwith Hill Road) 54,01,01 / -01,41,04 SE20685794
Utility Buildings (Menwith Hill Road) 54,00,57 / -01,41,10 SE20565781
Main Gate 54,00,54 / -01,41,32 SE20165773
Public Footpath (Menwith Hill Road) 54,00,56 / -01,41,45 SE19935778
Junction [Menwith Hill Road / B6451] 54,00,54 / -01,41,52 SE19805772
Nessfield Gate (B6451) 54,00,39 / -01,41,45 SE19935726
Steeplebush Gate (B6451) 54,00,25 / -01,41,37 SE20085683
Junction [B6452 / A59] 53,59,55 / -01,41,27 SE20275592

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