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Looking closer to the bunker area and through the fence, the following layout becomes apparent (map B):
Bunker Map

Author's Note: The maps are not to any particular scale, and were sketched on a pad during our visit. They may be inaccurate, in which case can you tell me please...

View Over The Hill
Looking over the hill just in front of point 2. Note the ridge in the foreground where one antenna foot stood, and the radar housing (3) just over the hill. To the right the main vent and secondary stairwell (13) is visible. Just visible is the chimney of the bungalow.

The Bungalow

Front Of The Bungalow Rear Of The Bungalow
The front veranda of the bungalow. Each window and doorway featured a slide-shut iron blast shield. The rear of the bungalow. The 'lump' extension on the back of the building and the large loading doors hide a circular stairwell down to the main tunnel leading to the underground shelter.

Main Vent / Secondary Stairwell

Main Vent / Secondary Stairwell Through the door at the front is a stairwell going all the way down into the other end of the shelter (as opposed to the bungalow end). The stairwell has now been destroyed by the farmer, but access is still possible to the bottom end via the shelter.

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