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Bempton Cliffs (just north of Bridlington on the East Coast of the British mainland) sites one of the many bunkers built by the Ministry of Defence as a radar operating station under the Rotor project. While the purposes of the Rotor project are well-documented elsewhere (see the related links section later on in this document), reference will be made to the project itself so you're advised to read up on that too.

The Bempton site was one of 66 Rotor sites throughout the UK, built under a contract given to Marconi Wireless and Telegraph Company. It operated from 1952 to 1963, when it was abandoned by the M.o.D. and the land returned to the local farmer. Nearby is an RSPB reserve (see map later).

A hackHull? group consisting of Cap'n B, dCups, Gremlin, ITX, Q and Syncom explored the installation on 8th March 1997, providing this report on the area.

We have heard of a similar project at another Rotor site in the UK - anyone got any more info on this?

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