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A Note For Those Hoping To Go Sightseeing...

Be wary. When we went to look the entire area was barbed-wired off and the buildings were in a very dilapidated state. The farmer wasn't too impressed at us going across his land (the fields have been used to graze cattle), and does go after people - usually with a shotgun. In addition, the flooring in much of the underground area is missing or broken, and there is only one entrance/exit. There is extreme subsidence, some bog areas, and up to 50ft holes in the ground. Basically, seek permission from the farmer, although he's unlikely to give it; and don't go there on your own (six of us went, all fully equipped with torches, CB radios, chalk and breathing masks).

There is a large amount of dung around the area (especially within the buildings), and underground a large amount of obscene graffiti and dates, indicative that the bunker has been used for drug misuse at one time or another. Its "use" by various people has also been confirmed by the farmer.

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