hH? - hull meets

Event: Hull 2600 meetings, sanctioned by 2600 Magazine
 Date: First Friday of every month
 Time: 7pm onwards
Place: The Old Gray Mare Pub, opposite Hull University
Bring: Toys!

The Scene
Phones and Beer hackHull? arose from a group of hackers and phreaks in the Hull area to become the organisers of one of the largest 2600 meets in the country. Traders, techies, cryptos, sysops, crackers, coders, elites, potheads, anarchists, programmers, subterraneacs, wannabes and hasbeens gather in the pub to exchange ideas, tricks, learn new skills and generally have a laugh. We are especially geared towards the area of Hull in Humberside (pronounced "East Yorkshire"), England, and its attendant systems... Just to get an idea of what the scene is, take a look at the image on the right.

Usually the Hull 2600 meets end up in Spiders nightclub, a local indie/rock venue which has a student night on Fridays and is incredibly notorious for its cheap, and imaginative, drinks ;-) although past meets have ended up at various members' houses.

Occasionally there are impromptu hackHull? outings to various places, usually at very short notice (i.e. half an hour!).

The Location
The Old Gray Mare on Cottingham Road, opposite Hull University. It's usually really easy to spot us near the door. The OGM does food as well as beer to put you on 'til you get to McDonalds to terrorise them... hehe...

A map will appear here soon once we get our act together and stop going looking for ex-MoD installations at 2am... ;-)

The Time
Meetings almost always take place on the first Friday of every month at 7pm. The dates for the next meetings are:

When you get there, grab a beer and look out for the weirdos playing with laptops and other toys on the pub tables.

Past Meets
In the past, meetings have been held at The Old Grey Mare opposite the University (and in Manchester for the Controversy meet in December 1996); but as of January 1997 the venue became The Mission Pub, in the Old Town, for two months, then we returned to The Old Grey Mare as the number of people attending the meets dropped off due to the location.

04/01/2002 Welcome to another year of hackHull? fun and antics... Ten of the hardcore crew brave the weather and get over to the pub. January sales fever has struck, with bargains to be found on (Prism II chipset) Wireless LAN cards and USB Digital Radio receivers. Looks like it is going to be another fun year ahead for us.

07/12/2001 Dunno...

02/11/2001 Dunno...

05/10/2001 Dunno...

07/09/2001 Got to about fifteen people during the night, with a pair of new faces and a pair that haven't graced a Hull meet for many a month (year). A fair number of boring photos were taken.

03/08/2001 Pretty good turnout tonight, getting into double figures, with a few faces making a welcome return to the land of the living. Did another "table 'o toys" shot, along with a number of other photos.

06/07/2001 Quiet night with only a couple of people turning out. A PH.UK sweatshirt got raffled off to one of the people that made it out - it was in London just a few hours earlier that day (long story)...

01/06/2001 Didn't make it to tonight's meeting, but someone was kind enough to take a few photos of the proceedings.

04/05/2001 Good turnout tonight, with some of the 'old-timers' turning out for the first time in ages, along with some new(ish) attendees. Playing with Compaq iPAQs with massive storage capacity. Quite a few photos of the night's proceedings were taken at various points and places.

06/04/2001 Can't seem to remember enough to write down what happened...

02/03/2001 Just about squeezed into double figures tonight. Some Compaq iPAQ fascism going on with everyone showing off their toys. A couple of photos were also taken of the proceedings.

02/02/2001 Dunno. Someone tell me...

05/01/2001 Work stopped some people coming out, but we ended with a reasonable turnout for early on in the new millenium. hackHull? was mentioned in passing within a book called "A Complete Hacker's Handbook" by Dr-K. Had a few Compaq iPAQs out to play with, one with Linux and one with Windows CE on. Might end up doing some group merchandise and try and rally together some more attendees. A couple of photos were also taken.

01/12/2000 Again, a fairly subdued night, with everyone preparing for the month's annual festivities. Not a lot to report, but a good night was had by all. A couple of photos were taken.

03/11/2000 Failed to make it over to Hull again tonight. From all accounts it was a fairly quiet night, with only a couple of people making it out. A couple of photos were taken though.

06/10/2000 Was away at a project lauch party tonight, but left everyone else to have a fun night. Seems like attendees reached double figures, but don't have a report on anything in particular happening or being discussed. A couple of photos were taken though.

01/09/2000 Again a dozen or more people made their way to the meet tonight. 2 new faces (one from a fair distance away - always cool!). Some of us had been to Bletchley Park earlier in the day and brought some photos (which may make it online). Also some extremely secure keys and lock from an armoured van ;o) - don't ask! A couple of photos were also taken.

04/08/2000 A dozen people managed to make their way to the pub tonight. A fairly quiet night was had by all. Not too much happening in the quiet summer months, just everyone taking it easy. A couple of photos were taken of the night's proceedings.

07/07/2000 Had about 17 people in and around during the night. Lot of catching up with some people we hadn't seen in a while. Photos and film from a disused cinema that may be converted into an Internet Data Centre. A few of us changing jobs in the near future (to get some new big 'toys' to play with!). A couple of photos were also taken.

02/06/2000 Into double figures again for turnout - not bad since we had a number missing in action at the Linux Expo in London. Some Linux Expo 'warez' we're brought back by someone who wasn't staying on for all the parties down south. Interesting discussions regarding the sort of data that goes over the pager network. A couple of photos were also taken.

05/05/2000 Great turnout tonight, with over 20 in attendance... A number of first timers, which is always good. Discussions covered advances in Internet technologies, what toys people had brought along, and what fun and new projects we should do (keep an eye out...). A couple of photos were also taken.

07/04/2000 Around 12-15 people throughout the night. We've now got a new site, www.hackleeds.com, now setup and online - for our new monthly meeting in Leeds... About half a dozen of us decended on Spiders to spend the rest of the night boozing. A couple of photos were also taken.

03/03/2000 Around 12 people tonight. Conversation centering on setting up a regular meet in Leeds. Looks like the concensus is that the third Friday of the month @ 7pm, Borders' Café, Leeds City Centre will be the initial start location... Catch us there - gives us a meet every 2 weeks or so. We'll follow the general 2600 policy on meets. A couple of photos were taken.

04/02/2000 Pretty good turnout of around 15 people. Mixture of the same old suspects and some new blood. Everyone in a playfull mood with a few interesting discussions taking place. A couple of photos were taken.

07/01/2000 A fairly quiet affair, being the first meeting of the New Year. One or two in attendance for the first time. A couple of photos were taken.

03/12/1999 Turnout was good for the time of year, and the absolutely horrible weather - shame one car bringing people broke down. Some toys were brought and 'played' with. A number of the attendees managed to drag themselves to Spiders for a night on the tiles. A couple of photos were taken of an iBook getting picked on.

05/11/1999 Another decent number showed up this month, especially considering it was Bonfire night and we had a few 'missing in action' with prior commitments. We had some new people come from out of town, just for the meet & that is alway cool. Toys were in attendance, and discussions centred around end of year 'celebrations'. A couple of photos were also taken.

01/10/1999 About 15 of us during the night, as people came and went at semi-regular intervals. Talk about a possible end-of-year / start-of-year mini-conference - Some feedback on this idea would be appreciated! A couple photos were also taken before we retired to Spiders for a night of drunken merriment.

03/09/1999 About 8 of us turned up this month. A few new toys and stories, like the computer on a PIC which can run upto 32 lines of BASIC, and the modular computer on a SIMM. A couple of photos were taken.

06/08/1999 Haven't found out what happened in Hull yet, since I was in Germany, but photos of Chaos Communication Camp '99 are available.

02/07/1999 Not much of a turnout this month. Methinks everyone is in holiday spirits. We called it a night quite early on. Don't think anything too much out of the ordinary happened. Photos of the meet are available.

04/06/1999 About ten people turned up this month, with Syncom managing to identify the position of the Pub with his new toy handheld GPS. Photos of the meet are available.

07/05/1999 Flipping hack, what a big break in meeting minutes (and introduction of bad puns)... If you're really bored you can find copies of photos (the first we've ever published of us online) from this month's meeting. Oh My! What were we thinking?

Dunno what happened during the first few months of 1999 either. We're pretty sure that all the meetings listed went ahead as planned. Our recollection is that much of the regular crowd attended, so hopefully some light may be thrown on proceedings sometime in the future, but we don't know if anyone will ever fill in these gaps in history. As before, if anyone has any specific recollections or revelations, then please let us know.

--/--/1998 Dunno what happened to 1998. If anyone has any specific recollections or revelations, then please let us know.

05/12/1997 This meeting only saw a small group of die-hards attending, with many other spread back around the country during the festive season. Decided it was time that we got off our respective arses and went and did something fun again. Reports will be forthcoming once the fingers get pulled out...

07/11/1997 This meeting did happen, and I'll need reminding as to what actually transpired, so this bit will be enlarged at a later date. (P.S. Don't bother watching this space, I doubt it'll be worth it!)

03/10/1997 This meeting had sixteen attendees. We're finally on the 2600 meets page. Celebrate! Drink! We discussed another Basic Stamp 2 application - the chip will easily generate all the red/blue/DTMF tones... The Apple 'handbag' computer, and its handwriting recognition software. Beating the University of Hull Internet censorship - they take all the well known H/P/A/V/C sites, MUDs, MUCKs, MUGs, talkers and IRC servers off the DNS, and hid nslookup. The possibilities of reviving a PDP11 computer a member has in storage. The prison service has its own (British Telecom supplied) phone card system. We also discovered that this pub doesn't like laserpointers either, and there are never enough mains sockets to recharge all the laptops and mobile phones.

05/09/1997 This meeting had ten of us surrounding a table with a STAMP2 controlled toy car wizzing around on the surface, having been programmed on the spot from one of the laptops. Playing with holding a UV lamp up to a MicroSoft Licence Certificate (very interesting - you try it! We're bound to write up a report on it sometime...) As per bloody usual, most of us ended up in Spiders drinking stupid amounts of their very cheap booze!

01/08/1997 This month saw most of us spread around the country, either working or on holiday, but we did manage to send some 'representatives' to HiP '97, in Holland, for some fun (we can't tell you what, coz we don't know exactly who is reading this page, hahaha - photo gallery now online!)...

04/07/1997 This month's meeting never happened, as far as we know, because everyone was off having summer fun around the place, and I went out drinking instead :o)

These meetings are lost in our memory of incredible alcohol intake, so we need some reminding of what might have happened before we pass on any invaluable information as to what did go on! We know at one of them some guy, Lifeguard, from the CCC (Chaos Computer Club) turned up, since he was over from Germany, living in Newcastle, at the time. Yup that's right, he drove down from (and back to) Newcastle that night, just for the meeting - now wasn't that stoopid (erm, don't you mean 'really nice' - ed.) Hope you enjoyed it mate.

07/03/1997 This meeting ended up with us in Spiders getting incredibly wasted and we saw a few new faces arrive. Much discussion was done and McDonalds practically threw us out (hey, did you know you're not allowed to take photos of McDonalds staff?).

07/02/1997 This meeting saw a few new faces, lots of toys, and a whole bunch of trash. Around 15 people turned up...

03/01/1997 Well, some people turned up, but the University lot may not have been back from their Christmas holiday by then.

06/12/1996 This meeting was slightly different; hackHull? were in Manchester, in smaller numbers than expected, for the Controversy '96 hackers party. We got to chat with Emmanuel Goldstein (of 2600 Magazine), go trashing, and totally win at the raffle (as noted in Harlequin's report of the event). There was, however, a strong feeling of isolation from the organisers (Agents of a Hostile Power), who kept themselves locked away in the back room, happily sniffing all the passwords off the network. The only 'problem' really was ITX and friends deleting Win95 to put Linux on a machine... and taking the machine apart... Never mind. Some sites were hacked, some beer was drunk, and a whole bunch of trash in BT bags was recovered...

31/05/1996 This was probably the most sucessful meet to date, which started at 7pm, and was still going (to some degree) at 4am the next morning; by which time it had spread into the streets and houses of Hull, and even went as far as face painting... kinda ;-) As I recall there were around 30 or 40 people there... but I was pretty much shitfaced at the time...

As for the future... hehe...