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Hackers sabotage Blair's Internet image

By Robert Uhlig, Technology Correspondent

THE Labour Party has called for a police inquiry after computer hackers made repeated attacks on its Internet site, replacing a picture of Tony Blair with his Spitting Image puppet and headlining the site with "New Labour - Same Politicians. Same Lies".

A group of British hackers, calling itself the Digital Anarchists, infiltrated the Labour publicity site for the second time yesterday and said it would continue to attack the Labour Web site this week. "We're going to keep doing it again and again until further notice. And we're going to hit some other sites as well," a spokesman for the group said last night.

The hackers later infiltrated the Labour site a third time, while computer experts were attempting to rectify the second attack. The Web site has now been closed until future notice to prevent more further embarrassing alterations of its content.

It is believed that the hackers will attack other political parties including the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru. Internet sites belonging to other public organisations, blue-chip companies and newspapers may also be affected.

The first attack, which promised free drugs and beer to young voters, was made on Saturday while the British hacker community was staging a Christmas party in Manchester.

The Labour leader's response to the Budget was replaced with a live sex show of women wearing the "demon eyes" masks seen in the Tory advertising campaign. The hackers also changed the title "The road to the Manifesto" to "The road to nowhere" and altered links to other parts of the site so they read "The Labour Party sex shop".

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